Meet the local people and spend an afternoon with them, have a meal together, visit a school or a typical African Church Ceremony, or visit one of the projects. Kafu Safaris supports the local people and encourages clients to visit one of their programs and give them support.

Kafu Safaris is working together with His Grace Charity Home. This unique combination gives the opportunity to meet the local people of Uganda and visit local tribes. Its not a treasure to see Uganda without meeting the local people, so shape your safari with local people!

About His grace Charity

His grace Charity Home was founded in 2013 by Mr. Oboth Moses, who was later joined by other Tourists who had come for an adventure with a vision of protecting the human race through extending necessary assistance hence creating a hope for the future among the neglected young generation, refugees and the Aged people
The foundation of His Grace Charity Home started with His Grace wild safaris being a travel company when we visited Nakivale Refugee Camp in Uganda, this made us venture deep in to the community and interacting with the refugees hence Realizing that the responsibility to protect the status of the human life and dignity lies on our shoulders, there rose an idea of taking care of vulnerable children and women, young Generation, refugees and the Aged who need support.

The wide spread epidemic of HIV/AIDS and Long-lasting wars in DRC, Northern Uganda, South Sudan and the Rwandan Genocide has also left disadvantaged orphans, refugees, women and children who desperately need help, some of them have HIV/AIDS as well as lacking the basic needs of life, like food, clothing, education, healthcare, beddings etc.

The program was launched with 34 Tourist who had come for an adventure but realising that the responsibility to protect the status of the human life and dignity lies on our shoulders, they decided to extend their stay and venture into protecting the status of the human life and dignity. Of these, 4 were from United States of America, 11 from London, and 19 from Netherlands. This number has now risen to 1200 members worldwide and is still growing.

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