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Fly-in Safari, Flying Between Destinations

East Africa’s safari parks are located in remote places far from urban and international airports, making transfers between attractions by road physically demanding for a traveler with less time. With a light aircraft, a fly-in safari will transfer you between a destination’s attractions, saving you time on transfers so that you can do more with your East Africa safari vacation. When you fly-into your safari destination’s international airport, a fly-in safari will pick you from the airport with a light aircraft, fly over that vast plains or mountains to your safari park’s dirt landing strip, and in between other locations for your safari duration. It is the perfect way to explore different parts of the country without struggling through dusty or potholed roads. Apart from a comfortable and quick transfer between A & B, flying between far-flung locations, fly-in safari trips reveal spectacular views of East Africa’s wildlife and landscapes that cannot be seen on the ground. When your safari guide mentions mountain backdrops and vast savannah plains, your memory of the aerial viewpoint will give a better picture of the experience. Fly-in safari light aircrafts range from small 20-40 seater jets to 2-4 seater prop planes and everything in between. We recommend fly-in safari trips to solo travelers and couples or two people traveling together. If you’re traveling in a group of four or more, driving would be cheaper and more fun than flying. But if you have the budget for it, take the aerial transfer. Destinations we would recommend a fly-in safari include: Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Masai Mara in Kenya, and Serengeti National Park. We can tailor a fly-in safari between any of these destinations to give you the maximum experience of East Africa. Engage our safari consultants to help you craft a great fly-in safari holiday in your style of travel.

Planning an All-inclusive Uganda Safari

Uganda is still low-key with tourist crowds: all-inclusive group tours seldom exceed six in number. Even the most popular wildlife game-viewing circuits retain a relatively unconstrained atmosphere. The Pearl of Africa’s wide selection of forested and game reserves remain highly accessible to independent travelers and relatively affordable to those on a limited budget, such as off-the-beaten-track gems as the Ssese Islands, Katonga Wildlife Reserve, Sipi Falls, and Kasenda Crater Lakes.

The Pearl of Africa enjoys one of the healthiest reputations of any African country regarding crime directed at tourists. The level of day-to-day hassle faced by independent travelers is negligible. And Ugandans as a whole — both those working within the tourist industry and the ordinary man or woman on the street — genuinely do come across as the warmest, friendly, and relaxed hosts imaginable.

So here are the hurdles you may have to jump while planning your all-inclusive Uganda safari holiday.

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